The Tuning of Chakras Can Transmute Matter

Air pollution will be cleaned up through the use of music principle. The completely different sorts of chords arrange completely different outcomes. One chord could cause mixing, one could cause dissolution, one could cause enhancing, and many others. That is the premise of cleansing up air pollution, the concord of the vibration of the elements. For instance, when you have a contaminant from the mineral kingdom and also you want to dissolve it, you’ll use the chord that serves this function and draw from the opposite kingdoms for the concord notes.

Coming from different kingdoms mechanically insures that they’re from completely different octaves. If you wish to take this identical contaminant and mix it with one other mineral to permit it to serve a helpful function, you’ll use the chord that serves the aim of mixing, and many others. To perform a transmutation of matter there should be concord of octaves. The tuning workouts in your chakras will be progressed to transmute matter through the use of this identical precept. This may very well be a means of returning the human physique to a youthful, energetic state if this may very well be realized and targeted on and was desired.

There are some particular workouts you are able to do as an experiment. To start with, the best a part of the bodily physique to do a transmutation on is the human hair follicle. This is able to contain a return to the darkish shade of the hair at youth. As a result of that is the best half to transmute, that is the place it’s best to begin. The method of growing older of the hair begins with the crown chakra. As a result of this crown chakra will not be accessed till all of the others are progressed a minimum of to stage 4, it’s normally a later stage of life when this chakra opens.

The crown chakra is the chakra that causes the change in hair shade. It’s a thought course of that’s entered on the third stage of this chakra. That is so far as most individuals ever progress this chakra and for that reason by no means progress previous the truth that their hair is popping gray.

The crown chakra can be is the chakra that controls baldness. It controls the hair follicles. The chemistry of the cells that make up the hair follicles modifications due to the brand new dimension of concord or lack of concord that the opening of this crown chakra provides. For many it’s a disharmony and this causes a change within the mobile assist of the hair follicle. Subsequently with a tuning of the third stage of the crown chakra after which pulling the tuning of all of the chakras of the physique into the concord of a blended main chord of the keytone of your bodily physique ought to work wonders on the colour of your hair.

The method will take a substantial period of time and dedication to this attunement. For instance we’ll use the C main chord. The opposite chakras can be tuned extra strongly as follows when coming into this process: the basis chakra on the C on the backside vary of your pipe organ, the 16 ft. octave cease, or two octaves beneath the C that’s beneath center C on the piano. The following chakra, the sacral plexus can be tuned to E within the subsequent octave. The photo voltaic plexus to the G within the subsequent octave, the G proper beneath center C. The guts chakra could be center C, the throat the E above excessive C, the third eye the G within the subsequent octave and the crown the C within the following octave, the final key on an 88 observe piano. When working with the next chord, this observe is not going to be in your piano, however is ready to be registered audibly with the human ear. You’ll have to hear it internally. It should go into these increased pitches with a view to have the pressure or depth essential to transmute matter.

If you happen to do that train each night time with out fail, it’s best to discover some ends in your physique hair. Not solely the hair in your head, but in addition eyebrows and eyelashes will return to fullness of youth and all physique hair will return to the colour and fullness of youth. It’s best to do that for a interval of 5 minutes every night after your different tuning workouts. Relying in your dedication and the power and focus of your psychological tuning this will take wherever from one month to 6 months to point out a distinction.

Due to the extraordinarily microscopic measurement of the hair follicles, it’s the best to transmute. The following best transmutation to have the ability to obtain could be that of the pores and skin itself. The cells that make up the pores and skin are the subsequent in measurement that may be labored with simply. They aren’t essentially smaller than the cells of the organs, however as a result of they don’t seem to be present in density they are often labored with simpler. They’re in a skinny layer, true, unfold over the entire physique, however that is nonetheless a neater transmutation to perform than a concentrated clump that an organ could be. To convey a coronary heart, as an illustration again to youthful vibration would require a way more intensified tuning than you are able to do nowadays along with your thoughts.

The hair and pores and skin will reply to human psychological thought. The tooth would additionally take a strong tuning course of. All of this may be completed ultimately with the therapeutic machine (to be labored on sooner or later) till the human thoughts progresses to the stage the place it could deal with the tuning every day as a part of the instinctual functioning of the human physique, comparable to respiratory and elimination and all different course of which might be in a position to proceed with out your acutely aware effort.

You should be cautious when doing all your tune up for regressing age that you don’t regress your self again to the toddler stage. You could possibly inadvertently activate a gland that’s rather more lively in a human’s youth. You should state the optimum age you would like the cells and glands and muscle groups and bones and organs and hair, eyes, and many others. to regress to. We repeat, we should warn you that it’s worthwhile to state an optimum age when doing this tune up. If an individual have been to go too younger they’d convey again into existence hormones and glandular exercise that won’t serve their function at this stage of their religious development.

The way in which to do that is to state earlier than doing any tune up that you just want to regress the bodily mechanism of your physique to such and such an age. Then when doing the stacked concord tune up, repeat this time and again as you speak to every a part of the physique. That is vital. You may additionally state that you don’t want your emotional, psychological and religious our bodies to regress in any respect. This may very well be harmful work if all precautions should not taken. Please be very cautious earlier than endeavor any a part of it that your ideas are on the age you want to be if you find yourself on this state of transmutation.

There’s a entire discipline of labor with the chakras that may be opened up. The chakras actually are your connection along with your inside being, you understand, and are the one most vital present out of your Creator that can assist you synthesize the physique and soul. It was deliberate that they be the hyperlink between the seen and the unseen worlds.

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