The Metaphysical Traits Of The Seven Rays

Equally to our bodily solar whose gentle may be damaged up into its seven part colours, the Photo voltaic Logos of our system is a supply of seven nice cosmic Rays (or cosmic Flames) of non secular gentle. They penetrate our microcosm, construct and enrich one of many highest our bodies of our microcosm – our causal physique. To every of the seven rays there may be assigned varied non secular and bodily qualities. The time period “Ray” is used to suggest one particular kind of pressure or vitality. These nice streams of vitality interpenetrate one different and produce complicated programs and manifestations. The seven Rays surpass any doable description by phrases, and even by ideas or emotions. They’re too important to be confined inside our restricted notion of actuality. Nonetheless, sure description of those Rays is feasible by way of the corresponding qualities. Sure qualities of the Rays may be additionally linked to the seven chakras and to the crystals and mineral kingdom.

The Blue Ray is the primary Ray of sunshine. The vitality of this Flame is the primary and remaining synthesis, the supply of all the opposite energies. The fundamental qualities of the Blue Flame are manifested by the energies of energy, energy, religion, safety and God’s will. Sunday is the day when the irradiation of this Ray is particularly dominant. Its most distinguished consultant is Archangel Michael.

The Yellow Ray is the second Ray of sunshine. This can be a Ray of consciousness. The vitality of the yellow flame qualifies and teaches, enabling the processes of synthesis, love, knowledge, enlightenment and peace. Monday is the day when this ray is particularly dominant. Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of enlightenment is probably the most distinguished consultant of the Yellow Ray and yellow Flame.

From the third Ray of the pink Flame we see a manifestation of the actions, intents, and knowledge of the primary two rays: the primary Blue Ray and the second Yellow Ray. This can be a Ray of Divine love, tolerance, adoration, and gentleness. Tuesday is the day when the Pink Flame is particularly energetic, and when its manifestation reaches the very best depth. Essentially the most distinguished consultant of the Pink Ray is Archangel Chamuel.

The fourth Ray of white gentle (white flame), stands in the course of the seven rays, and as such it symbolizes a central level, i.e., level of stability and concord. The white Ray stimulates the creativity, artwork, and wonder. The white ray displays the best energy of purification, which is being manifested by the flexibility of ascending all non secular schools of the person. Wednesday is the day when the outpouring of this ray is at its most. Archangel Gabriel is probably the most distinguished consultant from the Angelic kingdom for the white flame and white Ray.

The inexperienced Ray of sunshine represents concretization, crystallization of substance, information and science. The inexperienced Flame is the Flame of stability and Fact. It results in evaluation and improvement of concepts, particularly Divine concepts and impulses which have been conceived within the First Ray of the Blue Flame. That is the Ray of focus, as a manifestation of the undisturbed sustained consideration, which is attained by consecration. Within the inexperienced Flame we acknowledge the seat of the bodily therapeutic and perfection. Thursday is the day when the fifth inexperienced Ray particularly strongly manifests its energies. Archangel Raphael, the Angel of therapeutic and consecration is accountable for this Mild Ray.

The sixth golden ruby Ray is a Ray of affection, devoted service, non secular therapeutic and idealism. The fundamental attribute of the sixth golden-ruby Ray is the standard of peace, reached within the means of understanding and accepting the reality, and solely after attaining whole consecration and dedication. Friday is the day when this Ray displays its stronger outpouring. Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Divine service, is probably the most distinguished consultant of the ruby Flame.

The Violet Flame and the seventh Ray of sunshine are probably the most tangible and most expressive of all seven gentle Rays and Flames within the seen world. The violet Ray carries alongside the Divine qualities of affection, mercy, compassion, non secular transfiguration and transformation, and freedom. Saturday is the day of its strongest expression. Archangel Zadkiel, the Angel of ceremony and invocation of the Divine powers, is probably the most distinguished consultant of the violet Flame from the realm of Angelic beings.

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