The Chakras – Understanding and Balancing the Main 16 Chakras

The chakra system is an historical system, recognized to many cultures for hundreds of years. Chakra (pronounced CHUK-ruh) means wheel or circle in sanskrit. In Tibetan Buddhism the centres are known as channel wheels. Taoist yoga is a fancy self-discipline primarily based on the management and circulation of those very important energies seen as vortexes.

Chakras are additionally known as lotuses, which supplies us some concept of the character of the chakras. The lotus with its beautiful flowers blooming on the floor of the water, beneath the sunshine of the Solar (spirit), has its roots buried within the muddy darkness of the depths (the bodily). Similar to the lotus blossom, the chakras could be closed, in bud, opening or blossoming, lively or dormant.

The traditional western alchemical custom used the chakra system, with metals and planets being assigned to the chakras in an elaborate system of correspondences, which fashioned the idea of the alchemists’ quest for religious transformation. With the decline of alchemical arts, information of the chakras light additionally. Curiosity within the chakras re-emerged within the west with the looks of the Theosophy motion within the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The chakra system is an brisk knowledge storage system, very very like a pc, which many healers really feel or see. It’s the religious interface between the bodily physique, by way of the nervous system, our spirit physique & the holographic net. The nervous system is our bodily interface, speaking with all elements of the bodily, giving data to & receiving from the chakras. The chakras operate as transmitters of power from one degree to a different, distributing qi or prana to the bodily physique.

Whereas there are numerous minor chakras within the physique & at our joints, it’s acknowledged that there are 7 main chakras between the groin and prime of the top, with 2 others which might be of main significance positioned roughly 18 inches above the highest of the top, often known as the Soul Star, the Earth Star, positioned roughly 18 inches under the ft. There are variations of opinion as to the place among the minor chakras are. I work with & stability 16 main chakras, from the Earth Star all the way in which to the Monad:Divine connection, a few of which aren’t acknowledged by different healers or methods, making my therapeutic work distinctive.

Private expertise is a crucial a part of western acceptance for every part, our, “I am going to imagine it once I see it” syndrome, & limits humanity’s multi-sensory experiences. There are various reported incidences nevertheless, the place folks have had bodily ache, within the coronary heart for instance, with no physiological purpose discovered, even after in depth medical testing. When these folks went on to have a crystal therapeutic & chakra stability, the healer discovered that their ache to be linked to a previous life harm & the ache resolved after the rebalance. Many healers imagine that bodily aliments have their root in psychological & emotional imbalances & to be able to heal the bodily physique one should additionally tackle the psychological & emotional our bodies as nicely.

Every one of many generally acknowledged 7 chakras corresponds to a bodily system and its associated organs and glands. Sound, colours and crystals are assigned to every chakra, although the colours and features of every chakra fluctuate considerably in line with completely different traditions.

The First Chakra: Base Chakra positioned on the space of the coccyx on the base of the backbone, pertains to the adrenals, giant intestines and rectum. It shares duty of the kidneys with the 2nd chakra. This chakra is called the kundalini or serpent’s fireplace; life power for survival, life or “dying” battle, household identification, bonding and loyalty. The basis chakra’s expression of power is immediately associated to an individual’s high quality of well being. The cosmic fireplace that awaits launch lies dormant till the upper self can correctly make the most of the efficiency of its ethereal power supply on bodily & religious ranges of life. The lesson of the primary chakra is that of Oneness somewhat than separation. Its shade is crimson; Crystals: Garnet, Black Tourmaline, Dravite, Black Onyx, Smokey Quartz, Obsidian; & its Be aware is center C.

The Second Chakra: Sacral Chakra is positioned halfway between the general public bone and naval (some traditions see it on the naval), pertains to the testes, prostate and ovaries. The pelvis is the bodily illustration of the Void & The Goddess. That is the place the Internal Female/Goddess Self anchors. It’s the artistic middle and pertains to sensuality in addition to sexuality, energy (private energy when it’s in stability, & ego domination when it’s unbalanced) and cash or abundance, the power to create & take dangers, combat or flight, resilience, perseverance, & monetary acumen. This then is our artistic middle, the seat of our ardour & our sexuality – being snug in our physique as a girl or man. Shadow elements: Disempowering/controlling or utilizing others to your personal benefit. Colour: orange; Be aware: D; Crystals: Amber, Tiger Eye, Carnelian.

The Third Chakra: Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra pertains to the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, abdomen, spleen and digestion. That is the place our unresolved feelings are saved and is due to this fact the place the place we ‘digest’ our feelings, or not! This chakra pertains to will energy, vanity, self-discipline, ambition, braveness, generosity, ethics & instincts, self-respect & honoring of self. Shadow elements: Giving freely private energy of selection out of a necessity for approval; narcissistic conduct. Colour: yellow; Be aware: E; Crystals: Citrine, Sunstone, Lemon Chrysophrase.

The Fourth Chakra: Coronary heart Chakra is positioned within the middle of the chest pertains to the thymus gland and coronary heart. That is the chakra of affection of self and others, compassion and forgiveness. Shadow elements: jealousy, joylessness, resentment, & the shortcoming to forgive. Colour: a mixture of pink, for self-love, & inexperienced, for love of others. We should past love ourselves earlier than we are able to love one other; Be aware: F; Crystals: Rose Quartz, Inexperienced Aventurine, Amazonite, Chrysophrase.

The Fifth Chakra: Throat Chakra is positioned on the base of the throat, pertains to the thyroid and parathyroid voice and the neck. It pertains to our means to talk our reality & belief ourselves, and is the place we permit love into our lives. It’s the place we exert our will over others or give our energy/will away to others. That is the middle of religion, self-knowledge, private authority & the power to maintain your phrase. Shadow elements: An obsessive want to manage relationships & occasions. Colour: blue; Be aware: G; Crystals: Larimar, Blue Lace Agate, Lapis, Aquamarine, Azurite/Malachite, Gem Silica.

The Sixth: Forehead Chakra is usually known as the third eye, is positioned between and barely above the attention brows. It pertains to the pineal gland and religious sight, and the power to articulate imaginative and prescient and inspiration. Shadow elements: defining the reality in self-serving methods. Colour: purple; Be aware: A; Crystals: Amethyst, Sugilite, Kyanite, Azurite.

The Seventh Chakra: Crown Chakra is positioned on the prime of the top & could be discovered by ‘drawing’ a line up from the highest of the ears and straight up from the tip of the nostril. It pertains to the pituitary gland and is our direct connection to spirit and better consciousness. That is the middle of religion within the Divine in addition to in internal steerage, perception into therapeutic & devotion to the Divine. Shadow facet: the necessity to know why issues occur as they do, which causes you to dwell prior to now. Colour: white; Be aware: B; Crystal: Clear Quartz, Selenite, Indicolite (Blue) Quartz.

I obtained the next data from the Divine in a therapeutic session a few years in the past. As I’ve labored with these chakras my understanding of them has grown. Persons are considerably aware of the eighth chakra, also called the Soul Star or Interpersonal Chakra. Much less is understood about charkas 9 by way of twelve. Data varies on the subject of the upper dimensions. That’s as a result of individuals are on completely different ranges of consciousness, or maintain completely different vibrational ranges. You’ll be able to solely see the reality primarily based on the place you’re looking from within the second.

The 5 Greater Chakras, eight – 12

These 5 greater charkas had been disconnected eons in the past & at the moment are being reconnected by way of our opening to Spirit. The method could be accelerated by way of an Ascension Initiation. The colours of the upper charkas varies from individual to individual & depends in your particular person function or operate as spirit. Crystals: Herkimer & Tibetan Diamonds, double terminated Clear Quartz, Selenite, Indicolite (Blue Tourmaline in Quartz), Moldavite, Cavansite, Apophyllite, Prehnite.

The Eighth Chakra: Soul Star also called the Transpersonal chakra, is roughly 18 inches above the top. That is the middle that holds all our contracts & agreements associated to this lifetime, karmic connections and so forth. An individual’s Soul Star overlaps with that of the folks they’ve had long-term relationships or sexual encounters with, & they do not utterly disconnect on their very own, though the couple could half bodily. It is essential, due to this fact, to have the ability to clear all these previous relationship contracts, to be able to make manner for brand spanking new potential relationships to come back to you extra simply, or to clear a pathway for the connection of your present, supporting it to develop extra absolutely. The eight chakra can also be the middle of detachment, staying within the current second, unconditional belief, acceptance of intuitive steerage & the power to discern phantasm. It’s the middle of upper mind. It marks the realm the place the person soul merges with the Common Thoughts. It additionally marks the purpose the place the soul manifests into matter, into the person power physique. Be aware: C;

The Ninth Chakra: Intergalactic Gateway to the Divine and the BluePrint for this incarnation, & our Greater Emotional Middle. That is the place we maintain all the knowledge associated to who we might be & are, on this present incarnation – our eye shade, hair shade, different options, character traits & what we’re going to be/do on this lifetime. This data turns into our DNA. We select all this earlier than we are available to this incarnation. In a therapeutic, the BluePrint could seem fragmented, broken or fractured, cut up, cracked, scattered and even dispersed. I labored with one girl who was extraordinarily depressed, and I had a way that she didn’t need to be right here. She confirmed this once I requested her. Her blueprint really appeared dispersed or scattered & I imagine she would have tried to depart by some means if she hadn’t had the session with me. She burst into tears once I requested new blueprint be introduced in & she felt utterly completely different after the session. Particularly she had an enormous launch once I cleared her ninth and eleventh chakras. Be aware: D

The Tenth Chakra: Interdimensional Gateway to the Divine is the gateway to all the opposite experiences (and dimensions) we have had all through the universe. This chakra is the place the soul fragments itself & scatters itself all through the universe, requiring ‘retrieval’. As soon as all elements are retrieved the individual has full entry to all of the infinite prospects of who they have been and are–their ‘common archetypes’, for need of a greater time period. By bringing the essence of these elements or soul fragments into one chakra it offers us the power to work with all our skills and talents. Most individuals solely have entry to between one and ten of their common archetypes, and that is fairly limiting as a result of we even have an infinite quantity. Be aware: E

The Eleventh chakra: Common Gateway to the Divine is the place duality begins, so to talk. It’s the ‘subject of overlap’ between Gentle & Darkish is the place we now have all contracts and agreements belonging to our soul, whereas the eighth chakra is that this present incarnation’s contracts and agreements. Clearing the eleventh chakra is pivotal in bringing an individual into stability and permitting them to have full entry to their Divinity. I discover that blocks within the 11th chakra are most definitely to intrude with our Divine connection. That is the place our contracts with the occult, black magic & the Abyss are held. All of us have elements of ourselves which have skilled the shadow, as a result of that is a part of the Soul’s journey to discover Gentle and Darkish, Order & Chaos. A part of the Divine plan for us is to expertise Duality–Gentle and Darkish and all of the rays of the rainbow in between. Generally I discover that this chakra could be very imbalanced and will require a considerable infusion of Love, & maybe a ‘new’ chakra make by wanted. Once I clear with this chakra folks usually expertise an prompt shift, and so they remark that they instantly really feel completely different, extra linked to the Divine. Be aware: F

The Twelfth charka: Monadic Soul Stage Finishing the 5 greater charkas is the 12th chakra or the Monad is taken into account the individualized Spirit-Spark of the Divine & is usually known as the I’m Presence. The Monad is usually thought-about the Ascended Grasp Stage of the Soul. Every Monad or Spirit-Spark creates & is split into 12 pairs of Souls. Every pair are is aware of as TwinFlames. The Monad is usually thought-about the Ascended Grasp or Spirit degree of Soul. When being cleared I see the individual’s TwinFlame in addition to their Divine Ray – their private taste of the Divine, in shade frequency, which is their ‘operate’ as Spirit.

Right here is the BluePrint of the Soul, the Soul’s TwinFlame–twin-self or mirror reverse. Often I see the souls of different vital relationships right here. It is a connection the place there isn’t a differentiation between the Monad and the Divine. Typically I see that the 2 BluePrints–Soul’s & this incarnation–reflect each other. Generally the identical fragmentation is occurring in each. If there’s a cut up within the Blueprints, this notably pertains to a disconnection between the female and male elements of our being. Unify the male/feminine power inside us is crucial step to experiencing Unity.

If there’s a cut up between the male/feminine elements, one half of the BluePrint could also be lacking. So the Monad is current however their TwinFlame is often lacking. By bringing the BluePrint again collectively and making it complete, their TwinFlame is available in and the shopper has entry to working with their mirror-self. Be aware: F#

The next relies on the my very own numbering system to incorporate the opposite main chakras that I work with. The numbers will not be necessary, the place the chakras are & what they ‘do’ is:

The Thirteenth Chakra: Divine Coronary heart House/ Star Tetrahedron Coronary heart Centre: is located half manner between the Throat & Coronary heart Chakras, over the Thymus, that is the chakra of Co-Inventive Divine Consciousness, the acceptance of the Divine inside, Unconditional Love & compassion for self & others. After we awaken this centre, wellness is probably an integral a part of our path. Life takes on that means & success & we expertise the enjoyment of Love, which pours forth from this chakra.

When absolutely activated this centre turns into one Unified Chakra. That is necessary as a result of a unified chakra permits you then to align your bodily, emotional, psychological & religious our bodies, & to harmonize their power. Working with the unified chakra you unify the 5 greater & the ten decrease chakras into one in order that all of them operate in accordance with the frequency of unconditional love-based power flowing by way of this Divine-Coronary heart centre.

The Thymus gland controls the immune system & our fee of ageing. It’s absolutely purposeful when the bodily physique (glands & organs) makes use of the thymus-governing imprint. The thymus naturally will get smaller as we age. By tapping the thymus day by day you retain it activated. It’s mentioned that sure initiations additionally preserve the thymus activated & that you’ll cease ageing after the initiation. Reiki is one such initiation, notably after Stage II.

When Divine move is extra direct & highly effective, we could transfer constantly by way of life in tune with the Intention of Spirit. Then as male (ideas) & feminine (feelings) are not antagonistic, correct hormone stability will start to be established. Colour: depends upon the soul’s function; Be aware: F#

The Fourteenth Chakra: Quantum-Holographic Gateway to the Divine is positioned between the knees & is the place the Common Holographic Net connects to the bodily. The Net is sort of a freeway & connects us to everybody & every part within the Universe. We regularly have inappropriate connections to others by way of the Net & give our items & skills away to cover ourselves. Therapeutic power could be directed by way of the Net in such a manner as to restore the Net & thereby heal the ‘bodily’ body–which solely seems strong however is actually power. If the bodily physique is broken the Net can also be damaged–torn or damaged. Colour: Inexperienced-White Be aware: B

The Fifteenth Chakra: Bodily Gateway to the Divine is between the ft, on the degree of the ankles, & grounds & connects spirit into the bodily aircraft. When this middle is activated we really feel linked to Mom Earth & really feel one along with her power, & that of all life forms–referred to by Native People as All My Relations. Environmental consciousness resides right here & our need to help our Earth Mom. Colour: Navy Blue; Be aware A

The Sixteenth Chakra: Earth Star is roughly 18 inches under our ft & when activated grounds our Spirit-Self absolutely into the bodily into the Infinite Second of the Current, the place we’re essentially the most highly effective – Spirit having a human expertise. We can’t be something aside from Spirit, though people are inclined to ignore this Fact, & there’s nothing to search for besides throughout the self – to recollect we’re a bit of the Divine. Colour: Forest Inexperienced; Be aware A#

These 16 chakras, together with different main & minor chakras, make up crucial interface between our spirit & bodily our bodies. The chakras immediately interface with our nervous system, therefore the significance of clearing each systems–physical & power our bodies. After we observe our patterns (attitudes, values & beliefs) we see clues as to what chakras are out of stability. There are various visualizing strategies to deliver the charkras into stability & alignment & in my expertise they must be practiced day by day.

Bodily ache related to chakra imbalances could be very actual. Having labored with folks as a shaman and healer for over 20 years, I’ve seen many situations the place bodily ache has been relieved or launched throughout a therapeutic session. I’ve discovered that we supply our previous predominately in our backs, which represents our past–literally behind us! Folks usually expertise a bodily sensation associated to a ‘damaged’ coronary heart. They might expertise ache round their mid spinal area between the shoulder blades, and upon visualizing their emotional coronary heart, ‘see’ both a picture of one thing defending their coronary heart (e.g., a field or cage) or ‘see’ it as damaged. When an individual has cash points and feels unsupported in some space of their life, they might expertise low again ache.

Over time my work has advanced into my very own modality, Micro-Fusion Holographic Therapeutic, which contains Shamanic therapeutic practices in addition to the numerous modalities I’ve educated in. I’ve discovered that the physique responds to this light work by releasing & opening as much as the Spirit-Self in a really light, but profound manner.

On this last a part of The Chakras, I wished to deal with some questions & points which have come up often with shoppers through the years, together with among the methods I’ve discovered simplest to maintain the chakras working in concord.

Purchasers have requested me to ‘shut my chakras’ on the finish of their session & this can be a essential difficulty to deal with. As a query this additionally comes up often: “Ought to I preserve my chakras open or closed?” Purchasers have been informed by different healers that they should shut their chakras to be ‘protected’. And since my shoppers know I open all of the charkas & deliver them into alignment & then give my shoppers a visualization for holding their chakras open, it is pure that this creates confusion.

The chakras are in essence mini computer systems, gathering & storing data that then will get transferred to their interfaces, the bodily & spirit our bodies, by way of the nervous system & refined our bodies. Having your chakras closed is like attempting to function your pc with it switched off. Subsequently it isn’t a safety, however somewhat the alternative holding you unprotected & open to unfavourable or undesirable energies.

When your chakras are open & working in concord with each other, you’re speaking freely together with your Spirit-Self. Most significantly when your charkas are open, your coronary heart chakra is open, & you’re exuding Love, in & round you, & that is your biggest safety.

The subsequent query I get requested essentially the most is, “How do I preserve my chakras open?” One factor I discover is that when the Earth Star is closed, or deactivated, all the opposite chakras are affected. Some chakras might be partially open however shifting sluggishly, some chakras might be closed. Conversely I’ve discovered that when the Earth Star is then opened, all chakras are affected in a constructive manner additionally.

With a view to undergo methods to open & keep your chakras, we first want to ascertain how they spin – through which path. There are 2 essential beliefs about how the chakra system spins – each are legitimate & work, if that is your perception. Sometimes, the way you had been first taught is the one which works for you. My Crystal Grasp taught me this manner: Every chakra spins the other way to the one subsequent to it, making a DNA-like spiral that locks them collectively, beginning with the Earth Star spinning counter clockwise. One other straightforward approach to keep in mind it’s that every one the odd numbers spin clockwise, whereas the even numbers spin counter clockwise.

The way you examine that is with a pendulum, which can also be the way you clear & open the chakras. You’ll be able to maintain a pendulum over any chakra & ask to be proven the way it’s spinning. If a chakra is closed, the pendulum will do nothing. If it is solely partially open the pendulum will spin very slowly. When a chakra is absolutely open the pendulum will spin easily & fairly quick, in giant circle. As soon as you’ve got established in case your Earth Star is open or closed, & you’ve got checked your photo voltaic plexus & coronary heart chakras, you can begin realigning all of your chakras.

It is best to be sitting in a chair for this train, so you might have quick access to all of your chakras. Beginning on the Earth Star, which is approx. 18 cm under your ft level your pendulum on the chakra. Lean ahead & relaxation you elbow on the knee. This gives you the proper place, on the degree of your ankles & ahead of them. Now, make the pendulum spin counter clockwise. Do that for about 30 seconds, till the pendulum spins simply by itself.

Proceed as much as your ankle chakra–clockwise, then knees – counter clockwise, first chakra on the base of the spine- counter clockwise, & so on, holding the pendulum over the realm of every chakra till you get to the crown chakra on prime of your head, which spins clockwise.

I do know you are questioning at this level, how you are going to clear the upper charkas. Since intention is every part, you are going to think about deliver every considered one of them down in entrance of you–out out of your physique at roughly the extent of your coronary heart chakra. Persevering with on with the eighth chakra–counterclockwise, & so on to the 12th chakra. Make every on spin till it could actually spin naturally by itself with out your help. Sit quietly for a couple of minutes on the finish, together with your eyes closed & discover how you’re feeling. Discover in case you really feel completely different to how you probably did earlier than you began this train. Do you’re feeling calmer, extra at peace?

One other train that you need to use to open every chakra is to visualise each spinning in its acceptable path & visualizing the suitable shade for every. One other manner is to carry a double terminated clear quartz crystal or selenite wand over every chakra when you’re utilizing your pendulum. Alternatively you’ll be able to maintain a Herkimer or Tibetan Diamond on the factors, between your thumb & index fingers. This may assist to clear every chakra of any undesirable energies extra totally. Ideally, Chakra balancing needs to be practiced day by day.

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