Secret Rules of Immortality, Version 6

I’ll take this chance to show from the final classes and capabilities of immortality — as within the earlier articles — to the objects which exist within the immortal panorama; It may be seen for instance, that this checklist, representing good objects:

'Stones, Basin, Stream, Effectively, Temple, Equipment'

— differs from this one, representing dangerous objects —

'Smoke, Graveyard, Police, Gun Turret, Automaton'

Nor ought to we assume that the distinction is mere a matter of spirit — that what lacking from the second is a metaphysical system; Nor ought to we assume that the distinction is trivial;

Whereas within the second checklist one or one other attribute could seem pragmatic, there isn’t a want to mix components of the second except there’s a cheap connection between the 2 components; Inside some cause, we would want police to research a graveyard, however we don’t want police to smoke cigarettes, nor do we want an energetic gun turret in a graveyard, or essentially atmospheric smoke, if it chokes our lungs; Past that time, the issue is with the person phrases, and never the checklist itself; There may be a point of schism on the classes of damaging topics, that expresses both within the particular person ideas, or within the extreme use of mixture;

What in regards to the first checklist? It could be a response to assumptions in regards to the everlasting —- someplace a few of these components are usually not in themselves LIVING or FUNCTIONAL; But there may be some effort for these two issues; Thus, in reverse of the second checklist, what’s lacking is OPTIMIZATION and COMPATIBILITY;

Now we’ve got an equation (optimization + compatibility) / (negativity + exacerbation); Seemingly, each different property on this context has one thing to do with 'what one thing is' basically or primarily; that’s, how it’s for it to be an object, though dwelling or advanced; What I’ve outlined is a type of syntactical interface for no matter belongs within the immortal world;

No matter serves as an correct guess in regards to the nature of the immortal will even be suitable with the checklist; The belief is roughly that it’s empirical, corresponding to an utility, existential situation, or take a look at of one thing; Each time one thing exists merely to counter the damaging, that may be a signal of negativity;

So, allow us to say that every little thing on the checklist, nevertheless certified, consist of 4 classes: [1] Sensory, [2] Pragmatic, [3] Applicational, [4] Materials or Rhetorical;

First, a context could be made describing the sensorial qualities of the nice:

[1] Senses of sense
[2] Senses of pragmatics
[3] Senses of purposes
[4] Senses of supplies

Secondly, a context could be made for the pragmatics of the nice:

[1] Pragmatics of sense
[2] Pragmatics of pragmatism
[3] Pragmatics of purposes
[4] Pragmatics of supplies

Thirdly, a context could be made for the purposes of the nice:

[1] Purposes of the senses
[2] Purposes of pragmatism
[3] Purposes of purposes
[4] Purposes of supplies

Fourthly, supplies could be discovered for the nice:

[1] Materials senses
[2] Materials pragmatics
[3] Materials purposes
[4] Supplies out of which supplies are made

Take a look at how strategic that is: the final components are probably the most crucial, however the first are probably the most fascinating; Subsequently, with infinite of the final, or a unit of the primary, the situations are met to a point;

What’s outstanding, is that each diploma between additionally has some performance;

Considerably lower than infinity of Materials Purposes is purposeful, even much less infinity of Materials Pragmatics is purposeful, even much less infinity of Materials Senses is purposeful, and so forth up the checklist;

A small diploma of senses of supplies is critical, summed up by the 4 gadgets of the fourth checklist and the fourth merchandise of the primary checklist; A nonetheless smaller diploma of senses of purposes is critical, summed up by the 4 gadgets of the third checklist, and the third merchandise of the primary checklist; A nonetheless smaller diploma of senses of pragmatics is critical, summed up by the 4 gadgets of the second checklist, or the second merchandise of the primary checklist; And the smallest efficient reply expressed is proven by senses of sense, represented by the primary merchandise of the primary checklist;

However, not solely are the constituents of the second third and fourth lists nonetheless efficient, however the first second third and fourth gadgets of the primary checklist are additionally quantifiable; The consequence could also be exponential (or a minimum of by an element of two or 4);

Take into account the next contexts, that are assessments of the 4 'sections' of pragmatism operating by means of the sooner lists; Right here I take [1.1, 2.2, 3.3, 4.4], [1.2, 2.3, 3.4, 4.1], [1.3, 2.4, 3.1, 4.2], [1.4, 2.1, 3.2, 4.3]

[1] MASTER LIST: Senses of Sense with Pragmatics of Pragmatism, with Purposes of Purposes, with Supplies of Supplies

[2] KEY LIST: Sense of Pragmatics with Pragmatics of Purposes, with Purposes of Supplies, with Materials Senses

[3] DISCREPANCY LIST: Senses of Purposes with Pragmatics of Supplies with Purposes of the Senses with Materials Pragmatics

[4] MINIMAL LIST: Senses of Supplies with Pragmatic Senses with Purposes of Pragmatism with Materials Purposes

Thus the discrepancy is the next: [1] Purposes of Pragmatism, [2] Software of the Senses, [3] Software of Supplies, and [4] Software of Purposes;

The important thing to the pragmatism which emerges as the essential discrepancy is the next: [1] Pragmatic Senses, [2] Pragmatics of Supplies, [3] Pragmatics of Purposes, and [4] Pragmatics of Pragmatics;

What emerges from the pragmatic discrepancy is the mastery of the senses, describe as: [1] Sense of Supplies, [2] Senses of Purposes, [3] Sense of Pragmatics, [4] Sense of Sense;

Nonetheless, the important thing to every little thing is the fourth class after we work with a dysfunctional context; The fourth class says that the relations between the discrepancy, the important thing, and the senses is the next:

[1] Materials Purposes, [2] Materials Pragmatics, [3] Materials Senses, and [4] Materials of Supplies

Thus, the next describes the final genesis of the event of immortal objects:

[1] Materials of Supplies

[2] Materials Senses, [3] Sense of Sense

[4] Materials Pragmatics, [5] Sense of Pragmatics, [6] Pragmatics of Pragmatics

[7] Materials Purposes, [8] Senses of Purposes, [9] Pragmatics of Purposes, [10] Purposes of Purposes

[11] Senses of Supplies [12] Pragmatic of Supplies [13] Purposes of Supplies

[14] Pragmatic Senses [15] Software of the Senses

[16] Purposes of Pragmatism

This can be a main accomplishment; However what does it imply for the immortal object? Effectively, take an instance of an immortal object and apply it to the hierarchy of necessities;

For instance, a stream of life should first have a cloth of supplies — offering life — then a cloth sense: being a river, then a way of sense, being understood to be the river of life; then a cloth pragmatics, with the ability to be drunk, and so forth. Different elements must do with how one interactions with the river;

One other instance is a perpetual movement machine; First it wants the fitting physics (materials of supplies); Then it wants the fitting implementation (materials senses), requiring a concept or sense of those senses; Then it wants a sure strategy to function (a cloth pragmatic), requiring sensible sense and a notification of worth or that means; And so forth.

In a way of imperfect situations, my hierarchy (truly a dual-hierarchy) gives an ordinary for any sort of immortal object, and a rubric for assessing how an object succeseds or fails immortally;

That’s my lesson on this version of the Secret Rules of Immortality (Version 6) ::

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