Previous Life Chakra Therapeutic

Previous lives are great issues to work with, particularly if you know the way to entry them. You are able to do this by working along with your Akashic Data and your Previous Life Chakra as effectively. Lots of people have no idea the place this minor chakra is positioned, or find out how to therapeutic, energize and even work with this.

Your Previous Life Chakra level is positioned behind your ear. This one is a minor chakra level and will help entry your previous lives in addition to work on any kinds of therapeutic that you could be have to let go of earlier karmic debt you’ve occurred. Working along with your previous life chakra, you may open your minor chakra space, launch earlier karma points that should be healed or cleansed so you may transfer on in your bodily life, and even launch Akashic Data.

The most effective crystals to make use of for this minor chakra level are Blue Fluorite, Amazonite, Amber, and Angelite. I personally choose to make use of Amber for these periods, as that is what resonates inside my vibrational fields.

To work with a crystal therapeutic for this chakra level, you may merely lie down in your again, and place three of the suitable crystals surrounding your head. You may place one behind every ear and remaining crystal over your crown chakra. This may align the therapeutic grid to your Previous Life Chakra level. From there you may work on self healings, karmic healings, meditation and way more relying on what your most important focus of this session is.

All the time bear in mind to cleanse your crystals afterward, as you do not need to carry onto any unfavourable power coping with your previous lives or karmic points.

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