Mantra Chanting With Psychic Symbols Could Join You to the Entities, Reptilians and Aliens

What’s a mantra or a spell?

Mantra is a sequence of mystic worlds having concentrated ideas and a really divine efficiency. Utterance of a mantra can creates the cosmic sound vibrations which allow the seeker to realize the state of tremendous consciousness or self realization.

Every mantra creates a stream of particular vibration within the cosmos when chanted in a repeated, rhythmic and steady method. It creates purity, divinity, spirituality and desired results within the thoughts and the lifetime of the seeker.

Nature of the mantra

The mantra is a pressure like gravitational, electrical and magnetism. Each phrase of the mantra has a selected weight, form, measurement, type, energy, color and high quality.

The rhythmic utterance of a mantra can creates a selected sample of waves within the universe which have particular frequency, vibration and vitality. The sound vibrations produced throughout mantra chanting are mechanical waves which at all times requires a medium [like solid liquid and gas] for his or her transmission.

Presiding deity of the mantra

Every mantra has a presiding deity to whom it was revealed and attains divine self realization by meditating on it.

The particular deity bestows the powers, fulfilments and self realization to the seeker. Once we meditate on a selected deity our coronary heart turns into illuminated along with his grace, divinity, love and light-weight, and we attain tremendous consciousness state.

Medium wanted for travelling a mantra

The gross or the bodily a part of the mantra such because the sound vibrations seems to journey within the medium like strong, liquid and gasoline. However the refined vitality of the mantra travels within the Manas or Thoughts-Substance filling all house like ether and it serves as a car for the mantra.

Want for modulation of mantra waves

Sound wave vibrations produced by mantra chanting have transmission vitality losses within the medium due to our restricted vary of vocal wire functionality and the friction supplied by the medium particles.

Therefore the divine vibrations of the actual mantra won’t attain to its closing vacation spot of the specified deity because of extreme vitality losses within the medium.

Therefore modulation of the mantra waves is required.

Modulation is the method of facilitating the switch of knowledge over a medium by mixing low frequency wave [information signal] to a a lot greater frequency wave [carrier wave].

Like in a radio transmission the essential audio sound waves are added to the radio wave of getting a lot greater frequency generally known as the provider wave to supply a brand new sign of upper efficiency which will be efficiently despatched within the medium to the specified vacation spot. Within the closing receiving vacation spot the specified alerts are decoded to realize the unique copy of the sound wave.

What are the psychic -symbols?

Psychic- symbols are the symbolic or pictographic condensed thought patterns or varieties which might anchor your consciousness. In mantra chanting lack of consciousness and sleep are the largest obstacles which cut back its efficiency.

Chanting a mantra whereas concentrating on three sorts of psychic- symbols like refined, medium and gross, the seeker can simply focus his obscure consciousness.

Reiki symbols, Cross, AUM signal, the Pentacle, fireplace, mystic pictures and so forth are used because the psychic- symbols.

Want for psychic- symbols

Mantra chanting can prompts your acutely aware thoughts however your unconscious thoughts stays wavering to all irrelevant subjects, visions and ideas.

As quickly as you visualise a psychic- image within the third eye chakra or in your unconscious airplane, instantaneously your unconscious thoughts reaches to a really excessive diploma of focus, releasing an especially excessive frequency of thought wave vibrations which might successfully journey to any nook of the universe.

Medium wanted for psychic symbols to journey

The pictographic thought patterns or varieties used as a psychic-symbol are of extraordinarily excessive frequency therefore wanted even finer medium for his or her transmission.

Like electromagnetic waves travels in ether medium the psychic- Symbols or the condensed symbolic psychological pictures travels within the Manas -Substance.Which is made up of tremendous effective particle of consciousness filling the complete universe.

When a psychic- image crosses the Manas- Substance it provides rise to an amazing excessive frequency vibrations and travels within the route of desired deity of that specific mantra.

Psychic- symbols as provider waves

The frequency and the vitality of the thought waves are a lot greater than the sound waves.

Therefore to minimise the transmission vitality losses which happens throughout mantra chanting, the psychic -symbols of extraordinarily excessive frequency and vitality are used as a car to hold the mantra to its vacation spot.

Constantly chanting mantra out of your acutely aware thoughts and concurrently drawing psychic -symbols in you third eye chakra in your unconscious thoughts airplane, and chanting internally the identify of the psychic symbols can produce a collection of extraordinarily excessive frequency vibrations which might cross any barrier or disturbance current within the universe.

For e.g. out of your acutely aware thoughts it’s possible you’ll utter any well-known spell or a mantra like Gayatri mantra, Christ spell, angels or archangels spells and so forth, and concurrently drawing reiki symbols in your third eye chakra and chanting internally or subconsciously their names [ name of reiki symbols].

Consciously uttering or whispering a mantra out of your mouth and subconsciously drawing reiki symbols and uttering their names inside can powerfully join you to the intense excessive vibrational entities current within the outer world.

Outer world entities

They’re psycho-subtle extraterrestrial creatures having extraordinarily excessive frequency vibrations. They’re current within the outer world orbit like entities, aliens, reptilians, angels and archangels and so forth.

In response to Indian mythology the devatas, pitras, gandharvas, kinnar, naagas, Kumar’s are the some outer world entities.

The outer -world entities can manipulate your world by possessing “human” our bodies, and so they can function within the frequencies of the fourth density. These are known as “hidden areas and planes unknown to man”. These entities exist solely simply exterior the frequency vary of our bodily senses.

False or pseudo vacation spot of a mantra

As an alternative of reaching to a selected deity, the car of psychic image carrying the mantra will be simply interrupted by an outer-world entity. These entities can simply manipulate our thoughts, psyche and ideas.

They’ll tasks themselves as a pseudo deity in our desires or visions, to impede our religious progress.

They could acquire religious powers of the mantras earned by the seeker.

Religious catastrophe or pseudo enlightenment of the seeker

The seeker will be simply manipulated by the outer world entities to extend their energy and management on this world.

They’ll simply manipulate the desires, ideas and feelings of the seeker and misguide him on the actual path of spirituality.

Repeated desires of perverted sexuality, rape, worry, hate, anger and enmity are the positive signs of interference from the outer -world entities.

The seeker could fall within the false or pseudo notion of elevated consciousness, enlightenment and blessings of the specified deity’s grace.

However in the long run the outer world entities could induce a state of delusion, misery, guilt and psychosis within the seeker.

The seeker will turn out to be bankrupt of all his religious earnings.




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