Ginseng: A Healers Companion

Ginseng also called Panax Ginseng is a fleshy root usually present in cooler climates, within the Northern hemisphere and is thought to be native to Korea, China and North America. In Latin the phrase “Panax” means “treatment all”. Panax ginsengs are adaptogenic herbs. “Adaptogens” is a generic phrase used to explain treatments which enhance the resistance of organisms to a broad spectrum of bodily, chemical and biologically dangerous components (stress, illness, fatigue).

The principle lively ingredient in Ginseng is ginsenosides (saponins). Ginsenosides are additionally discovered within the leaves and stalk of the ginseng plant however the fleshy root possess the best focus of the identical. Roughly 29 ginsenocides, have been discovered within the ginseng root. Ginseng additionally incorporates a number of steroid compounds, comparable to panaxtriol, that are remarkably just like anabolic steroids discovered naturally within the human physique. Siberian ginseng is from the identical household however not a real ginseng, and its lively compound is eleutherosides.

A newer discovering in ginseng is the part germanium, which is a robust detoxifier present in natural merchandise. Germanium acts as a robust blood cleanser

“Ginseng has a cleaning impact since grayish matter is being expelled (based mostly on clairvoyant experiments). It’s higher to train instantly after taking ginseng to facilitate the expelling of used-up prana and to facilitate the assimilation of recent pranic vitality”.

– Superior Pranic Therapeutic, Grasp Choa Kok Sui, Founding father of Pranic Therapeutic and Arhatic Yoga

The ginseng crops authentic identify is “Ren Shen” in Chinese language and “In Sam” in Korean, which implies “man-root”, due to the form of the basis, which resembles the human type, full with a physique and limbs.

Ginseng takes a number of years to mature, and most cultivated roots are harvested when the plant is between Three-10 years previous. For some unknown causes, cultivated ginseng crops start to degenerate if left unharvested for a very long time. Nonetheless, wild ginseng has been recognized to succeed in 100-150 years of age with none degeneration. Ginseng requires at the least 6 years to succeed in maturity to extract any medicinal worth from it. Crops which can be harvested prior to six years, would not have the therapeutic elements in them, and are subsequently ineffective.

Ginseng is of course white / off white when harvested. The method of drying it determines the colour of the ultimate product. In historical instances, crimson ginseng was dried within the solar giving it the attribute colour. Most crimson ginseng accessible now, is steamed throughout processing, giving it the same crimson colour. The steaming course of is what makes Purple Panax Ginseng distinctive and highly effective as a result of it concentrates and amplifies the therapeutic vitality of the Ginseng. Historically, solely crimson ginseng was utilized in Asia for therapeutic functions.

Purple ginseng is taken into account hotter (yang) as in comparison with white ginseng (yin / cooler). Purple ginseng is taken into account to have higher well being advantages and therapeutic powers then white ginseng.

The Chinese language God of Agriculture Shen Nong, credited for the “Natural Basic”, the earliest recognized medicinal ebook in China states “ginseng is efficacious for strengthening the center, stabilizing the nerve system and the thoughts, stopping shock, enhance the extent of intelligence, and prolong the life span.”

In his Compendium of Materia Medica, the celebrated Ming-dynasty herbalist Li Shizhen identified that ginseng is extremely efficient in replenishing the human physique’s vitality, making the previous look younger, and saving life from the brink of demise.

Amongst our organs, in line with Chinese language natural drugs, the spleen and abdomen belong to the ingredient Earth, which is believed to be the basis of vitality. Ginseng too is a product of the Earth ingredient. Due to this fact,ginseng is believed to affect the abdomen (navel and secondary navel) and the spleen, thereby energizing the complete physique, quickly.

“Ginseng when clairvoyantly seen, may be very vivid in comparison with different meals and medicines… Ginseng incorporates numerous prana (very important vitality) and in addition numerous “artificial ki”. The nice enhance of the “artificial ki” within the secondary navel chakras (on consuming ginseng), is as a result of activated main chakras which produce extra “artificial ki” and in addition as a result of “artificial ki” contained within the ginseng itself.

(Artificial implying synthesis – that which is obtained by combining separate entities / materials into a posh complete. )

– Grasp Choa Kok Sui, Superior Pranic Therapeutic

A number of the makes use of that ginseng might be put to –

Anti-aging, diabetes, anemia, most cancers, despair, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, menopause, impotence, shock, fatigue, hypertension, results of radiation, detoxify results of morphine and cocaine use, environmental, bodily and psychological stress, and persistent sickness.

“Purple Ginseng is nourishing to the 5 inner organs, it’s candy in style, it incorporates no toxicity, it calms and stabilizes the spirit, eliminates palpitations, prevents fright and stops terror, removes evil Qi (pathogenic components), clarifies imaginative and prescient, opens the center, brightens the thoughts, strengthens the reminiscence, advantages knowledge and long-term administration of Ginseng will lighten the physique and delay lifespan.” -Spirit Farmers Almanac, Chinese language Medical Textual content circa 4000 BC

“The diploma of the impact of the Ginseng depends upon the dosage, the provider of the ginseng, (Totally different suppliers produce ginseng of various brightness or efficiency), and the physique of the topic. The impact of 1 half gram of ginseng will final for about 10-16 hours. Inside that time period, the consequences of the ginseng diminish. Due to this, it’s higher that one half gram of ginseng is taken twice a day to keep up one’s well being. Individuals who’re ailing shoull, ideally take the next dosage… To extend the pranic vitality degree of the healer and to enhance his or her therapeutic talent it’s advisable (however not mandatory) to take one gram of ginseng earlier than and after therapeutic numerous sufferers. Additionally it is advantageous for sufferers who’re very weak, to take one to 2 grams of ginseng earlier than being handled by the healer.”

– Grasp Choa Kok Sui, Superior Pranic Therapeutic, Chapter: Seed Concepts.

Some unconfirmed uncomfortable side effects of ginseng embrace insomnia, complications, upset abdomen, diarrhea, a spinning sensation and vertigo.

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