Fibonacci Tuning Forks for Clearing Emotional Trauma

The Fibonacci Tuning Forks are based mostly on the sequence of numbers revealed by Leonardo Fibonacci within the 12th century. These numbers are additionally known as the golden ratio. When graded out and connecting the dots, these numbers create a spiral which is seen by means of out nature corresponding to nautilus shells, sunflower seeds and pine cones, the ratios will be seen all over the place.

The ratio may also be see by means of the human physique as properly. For instance:

  • The gap between the shoulder and the highest of the pinnacle to the size of the pinnacle is a Fibonacci ratio.
  • The gap between the guidelines of the finger to the elbow and the space between the wrist and the elbow is a Fibonacci ratio.
  • The gap between the navel to the knee to the space between the knee to the tip of the foot is a Fibonacci ratio.

It’s this ratio and its connection to life which makes this set such an efficient therapeutic software. How that is completed is what makes the Fibonacci Tuning Fork Set so distinctive. Listening to the Fibonacci Tuners is like being transported into that spiral the place on the heart lies stillness and alternate realities exist.

Based on Dr. John Beaulieu, "In lots of cases it might be simpler to work in an alternate actuality to impact treating then in regular actuality. therapeutic inside the entire physique. In circumstances of trauma and dependancy individuals typically instances disassociate into alternate realities. " The Fibonacci Tuners join these realities which may promote a therapeutic response.

These tuning forks are somewhat completely different in how they’re chosen and the way they sound. There are eight Fibonacci Tuners. To inform them aside they’re labeled by ratios based mostly on the Fibonacci quantity collection which begins with the number one and will increase in accordance with these ratios; 1, 1, 2, three, 5, eight, 13, 21, 34, .. n. The ratio is calculated by including the final two numbers collectively.

  • The primary ratio is 1/1
  • The second ratio is half of. You get this by including the 2 numbers of the final ratio, 1 + 1 = 2.
  • The third ratio is 2/three. Add the 2 numbers of the final ratio, 1 + 2 = three so the third ratio is 2/three.
  • The fourth ratio is three/5 (2 + three = 5 so three/5)
  • The fifth ratio is 5/eight (three + 5 = eight so 5/eight)
  • The sixth ratio is eight/13 (5 + eight = 13 so eight/13)
  • The seventh ratio is 13/21 (eight + 13 = 21 to 13/21)
  • The eighth ratio is 21/34 (13 + 21 = 34)

After all you’ll be able to calculate the ratios a lot additional however for tuning fork functions, we cease there.

The way to use the Fibonacci Tuning Forks

When utilizing the Fibonacci tuning forks, you'll wish to create an interval between two tuning forks. Begin with the fork labeled 1/1 and one different. For instance, if you wish to create the ratio of two/three, you'd use the 1/1 fork and the two/three fork. If you wish to create ratio of 5/eight, select the 1/1 fork and the fork labeled 5/eight. As soon as you might be accustomed to the set, you’ll be able to create smaller intervals by deciding on say the eight/13 and 13/21 forks.

Listening to the Fibonacci

Because the ratios get smaller, it’s possible you’ll not hear the distinction between the as soon as set of forks vs one other. For instance, it’s possible you’ll not understand any distinction between eight/13 and 13/21. That is regular however know that your physique does sense the distinction.

The Fibonacci Intervals

Interval: Identify: Description & Advantages

1/1: Starting: The start from which every thing originates and every thing returns.

half of: Area: An octave in music which opens the house for all prospects Opens new areas, balances Ether factor, helps with grief and loss

2/three: Stability: Works with the pituitary gland and autonomous nervous system to create a really perfect steadiness between heaven and earth, yin and yang, female and male energies. Balances autonomic nervous system, will increase emotions of properly being, balances female and male power, nice for centering

three/5: Goals: The interval of a sixth in music which is name mystic fireplace. It’s the starting of the ascent of consciousness generally known as the "area of a thousand lights". Enhances dreaming, visualization, new concepts, astral projection

5/eight: Internal Voice: Leads consciousness deep within the third ventricle of the mind the place we make contact with our internal voice and therapeutic. Contact with our healer inside, discovering data to assist acquiring each knowledge and peace, letting go of undesirable ideas

eight/13: Mystical Passageway: Generally known as the Crystal Door or Magic Mirror, the eight/13 interval takes us to the supply of our internal voice which seems past phrases as pure sound and lightweight. Decision of life dissonances by means of a transparent tone, readability of imaginative and prescient by means of alignment with supply, a deep sense of simplicity

13/21: The Nice Divide: The gateway to the upper non secular realities and the dreaming realms resulting in regular realities. Entry into larger states of information, non secular knowledge, direct communications with mild beings, devas and angels

21/34: The Eye of God: Opens the pineal gland which oversees all dualities and begins one more flip of the spiral of Jacob's ladder into better non secular insights and studying. Higher internal truths are revealed and understood, larger non secular realms are illuminated and ease, of the complexity of actuality is revealed

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