Chromopathy Remedy (Extremely-Coloration)

My Grandmother wakes up each morning; She does a Suryanamaskar every single day.

"Get up each morning and pray to the solar (Suryanamaskar), and can all the time get pleasure from tremendous well being by your life."

My Grandmother all the time taught me all of the pure technique to be wholesome. She then added, "Coloration has a really important function to play in our life". I personally witnessed and skilled in my life after which onwards had a unique imaginative and prescient to take care of the colours. A number of the superb info I Learnt was stimulating me to study extra about it. I studied numerous books and learnt on-line and was impressed by the function of shade and solar rays. This was the truth that I used to be unaware of.

Chromo means shade and pathy means the strategy of therapy. By means of chromopathy many historic and power illnesses may be handled. It’s another medication technique. It claims to make use of gentle within the type of shade to steadiness Power missing in an individual's physique.

There are a lot of colours within the rays of daylight which purifies the air and the local weather, water and destroys the undesirable germs on the earth. The Veda declares that the colour embedded within the solar ray can remedy the illnesses.

Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicines imagine that physique has seven chakras. In historic days the sage and consultants practiced the Suryaupasana (Pray to the Solar early morning) which proves that therapy is feasible by Sunrays. In accordance with this the chakra can change into imbalance and lead to bodily illnesses, however making use of the colour within the appropriate place can remedy the imbalance within the physique. In some a part of Europe there is no such thing as a daylight for some months and there earlier than individuals take solar bathtub when it seems.

The system of curing the illnesses with the completely different shade of cosmic rays and its advantages are immune and are defined on this approach because the solar rays penetrate the physique straight and doesn’t too lengthy, as Vitamin-D is shaped when the ray of solar penetrates Our pores and skin. There are a lot of rays in Daylight the principle colours are:

1. RED – It’s used to achieve vitality and it's helpful in pigmentation of pores and skin, Coronary heart illnesses when uncovered within the solar assist remedy these illnesses.

2. Yellow – It's helpful in activating the nerve sensation and gives shine to the physique.

three. Blue – It offers the cooling and soothing impact in our physique.

These are three main colours and there are additionally different colours like;

Orange, inexperienced, purple, violet, pink, shiny yellow, darkish blue, indigo and ultra-violet these 9 colours are the mixture of three most important shades.

1. RED – shade of affection.

2. YELLOW – shade of brainpower or mind.

three. BLUE – shade of fact and hope.

four. ORANGE – well being, mind and energy of spiritualism.

5. GREEN- hope, mind and development.

6. VIOLET- politeness.

7. PINK- mercy.

eight. BRIGHT YELLOW- psychological energy.

9. DARKBLUE- peace.

10. INDIGO- melody, concord.

11. ULTRA VIOLET- capacity to work and variety.

Apart from these colours there are three extra colours to say and they’re;

1. BLACK – darkness.

2. WHITE – energy, purity, simplicity and clearness.

three. GRAY – sorrow and anxious.

Coloration remedy and their impact in our physique

Many various colours have the flexibility to deal with a number of illnesses, if penetrated or inserted in our physique by lenses within the correct location of the physique.

Crimson and pink will increase blood move within the Artery and will increase heat in our physique.

Yellow and orange encourage the nerve motion and it relaxes the swollen a part of the physique and offers vitality, helpful in coronary heart illnesses.

Blue and violet present aid from nervousness, swelling, fever, and sharp ache and mind illnesses.

Inexperienced timber in fever, illnesses associated to girls, sexual issues and most cancers.

Purple purifications blood, liver and nervous system.

Use of chromopathy in our every day life

1. Crimson and Pink – Veggies and fruits of this shade present heat; It's used within the type of tonics throughout weak point.

2. Yellow and Orange – the greens and fruits of this shade present fiber and avoids constipation and gastric and urinal dysfunction.

three. Blue, Indigo and Violet- greens containing this shade are cool by nature and keep away from insomnia.

four. Inexperienced coloured greens and fruits forestall urinal issues.

Chromopathy and its benefits

It's a protected, sensational free, non venomous it doesn’t want anesthesia, no reduce and surgical procedures wanted through the therapy, no mark of scars and wounds on the physique, no ache through the therapy. The colour remedy with the assistance of solar ray may be penetrated straight into our physique with out losing any time. It's probably the most straightforward and low-priced therapy.

Correct therapy in good physique half and proper medicines prescribed can remedy the illnesses with none trouble. Suryanamaskar is now probably the most crucial a part of my life.

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