Chakras Plus Runes Equal Well being

Runes And Chakras

Now that now we have entered the Age of Aquarius and have been given the Legal guidelines of Quantum Physics, we should widen our world view. We should construct a brand new Rune Paradigm that features the Legal guidelines of Quantum Physics.

These Legal guidelines merely inform us that there exists an infinite ocean of pondering, clever power known as the Quantum Ocean. There is no such thing as a time there solely the Now.

In actuality, it’s the Thoughts of God, the Creator God, the Prime Mover, the Grand Architect of the Universe. It’s the God who created all the opposite lesser Gods, together with Odin.

All the pieces that ever was, is or will will exist within the Quantum Ocean. You all the time exist, I all the time exist, Odin all the time exhausted and the Runes all the time exhausted. The Runes are keys to the Common Inventive energies of the Universe.

One other reality of the Legal guidelines of the Quantum Physics is that each one is power; power is relationships. There’s nothing stable in our bodily Universe, solely the configuration of energies held collectively by pre-set patterns.

Our bodily physique is just not stable however made up of power facilities known as chakras, held collectively by a, panty hose sort power known as an Aura.

There’s a particular relationship between the Runic Energies and your chakras. To remain wholesome you will need to have robust, wholesome power facilities, Chakras. They should have life-force flowing although they proceed.

By meditating and respiratory within the corresponding Runes, into your corresponding Chakras, you’ll hold the life-force flowing.

Runes and Chakras:

Crown Chakra: FA, HAGAL, ​​BAR
Eye Chakra: UR, KA, TYR, NOD, LAF, GIBOR
Throat Chakra: THORN, RIT, IS, SIG, MAN, EH
Coronary heart Chakra: OS, AR, YR
Photo voltaic Plexis Chakra: THORN, RIT, IS, SIG, MAN EH
Spleen Chakra: UR, KA, TYR, NOD, LAF, GIBOR
Root Chakra: FA, HAGAL, ​​BAR

Inhale slowly and mentally challenge every of the Runes and into every one of many Chakras. Begin on the Crown Chakra and work your approach all the way down to the Root Chakra.

Strongly think about every of those Runic energies happening the backbone into the Root Chakra.

First visualize the energies of the Runes cleansing and balancing the Chakras. Later you possibly can choose a single run and direct it at a single organ.

Chakra improvement is a pure a part of Rune Magic.

After you have your Chakras flowing with life drive and Runic energies, you possibly can challenge them to assist others.

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