Buddhist Breath Meditation – Seven Steps

Phra Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo explains elementary Buddhist Breath Meditation that may not solely lead on to enlightenment, however on the best way remedy emotional, psychological and bodily illnesses. (The phrases in citation marks have been modified within the textual content to make clear the directions).

1. Begin out with three or seven lengthy in – & – out breaths, considering "boo" with the in-breath, and "doe" with the out. Maintain the meditation syllable so long as the breath, "ie; in breath; boooooooo, out breath; doooooooe. (In case you desire, you’ll be able to skip all directions beneath and easily use this easy method which if carried out with unwavering consciousness for a while, can take you into the deepest Samadhi). "

2. Be clearly conscious of every in – & – out breath.

three. Observe the breath because it goes out and in, noting whether or not it's snug or uncomfortable, broad or slim, obstructed or free-flowing, quick or sluggish, quick or lengthy, heat or cool. If the breath doesn’t really feel snug, change it till it does. As an illustration, if inhaling lengthy & out lengthy is uncomfortable, strive respiratory in brief & out quick. As quickly as you discover that your respiratory toes snug, let this snug breath sensation unfold to the totally different elements of the physique.

To start with, inhale the breath sensation on the base of the cranium and let it circulate all the best way down the backbone. Then, in case you are male, let it unfold down your proper leg to the only real of your foot, to the ends of your toes, and out into the air. Inhale the breath sensation on the base of the cranium once more and let it unfold down your backbone, down your left leg to the ends of your toes, and out into the air. (In case you are feminine, start with the left aspect first, as a result of the male & feminine nervous techniques are totally different.)

Then let the breath from the bottom of the cranium unfold down over each shoulders, previous your elbows & wrists, to the guidelines of your fingers, and out into the air.

Let the breath on the base of the throat unfold down the central nerve on the entrance of the physique, previous the lungs & liver, all the best way all the way down to the bladder & colon.

Inhale the breath proper on the center of the chest and let it go all the best way all the way down to your intestines.

Let all these breath sensations unfold in order that they join & circulate collectively, and also you'll really feel a significantly improved sense of well-being.

four. Be taught 4 methods of adjusting the breath:

a. in lengthy & out lengthy,

b. in lengthy & out quick,

c. in brief & out lengthy,

d. in brief & out quick.

Breathe whichever means is most snug for you. Or, higher but, study to breathe comfortably all 4 methods, as a result of your bodily situation & your breath are all the time altering.

5. Turn out to be acquainted with the bases or focal factors for the thoughts – the resting spots of the breath – and heart your consciousness on whichever one appears most snug. Just a few of those bases are:

a. the tip of the nostril,

b. the center of the top,

c. the palate,

d. the bottom of the throat,

e. the breastbone (the tip of the sternum)

f. the navel (or some extent simply above it).

In case you endure from frequent complications or nervous issues, don’t deal with any spot above the bottom of the throat. And don’t attempt to power the breath or put your self right into a trance. Breathe freely & naturally. Let the thoughts be comfy with the breath – however to not the purpose the place it slips away.

6. Unfold your consciousness – your sense of acutely aware feeling – via your complete physique.

7. Unite the breath sensations all through the physique, letting them circulate collectively comfortably, preserving your consciousness as broad as potential. As soon as you’re totally conscious of the elements of the breath you already know in your physique, you'll come to know all types of different elements as effectively. The breath, by its nature, has many aspects: breath sensations flowing within the nerves, these flowing round & in regards to the nerves, these spreading from the nerves to each pore. Helpful breath sensations & dangerous ones are mixed collectively by their very nature.

To summarize: (a) for the sake of bettering the vitality already current in each a part of your physique, to be able to cope with things like illness & ache; and (b) for the sake of clarifying the data already inside you, in order that it might turn into a foundation for the abilities resulting in launch & purity of coronary heart – it is best to all the time bear these seven steps in thoughts, as a result of they’re completely fundamental to each side of breath meditation.

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