Appeal to Cash With Runes and Legal guidelines of Quantum Physics

Rune Meditations FA for Wealth/Prosperity

For the primary time now you can mix the Historical Knowledge of the Runes with the ability of Quantum Physics to draw wealth.

I consider within the energy of the Common Artistic Energies known as the RUNES. The ability of the Regulation of Attraction. The Regulation of Three. The Regulation of Resonant Frequencies. All legal guidelines now you can use to recreate your life the best way you need it.

All these legal guidelines at the moment are absolutely defined within the modern-day language, known as Quantum Physics. Our ancestors and the fashionable day metaphyscians known as these working legal guidelines The Thoughts of God.

By consciously utilizing these legal guidelines we will change our future, and our lives, to incorporate extra abundance, well being and happiness.

Runic energies are essentially the most highly effective method to do that.

I’m sharing with you my 25 years of rune work. I’ll use the fashionable languages of power and Quantum Physics.

Runes, Rune-Meditations, Rune-Magic, Rune-Yoga are all a part of the good reality of Creation.


You’ll discover that there’s a nice similarity between this meditation and the meditation for well being. I’m a agency believer in repetition. The extra you see one thing, the earlier you’ll grasp it

What you about to learn, about runic energies, you will not discover on any the place else. That is the primary time RUNES are introduced from a strictly power standpoint.

To observe this runic respiration train you don’t want any ritualistic paraphernalia. All you have to is to print out the outsized rune you can find on the this lesson.

It’s best to print it out on exhausting card inventory, it should last more.

For this runic respiration train we’ll use RUNE-FA . The Rune of cell wealth.

To start, sit comfortably in your favourite chair. It’s best if attainable to make use of the identical chair on a regular basis on your runic meditations. On this method the chair will develop into imbued and charged with runic energies. After awhile, simply sitting within the chair will deliver you the sensation of peace and calm.

Calm down, don’t pressure. Breathe slowly and deeply Don’t be concerned if you’re doing it proper or flawed. Don’t be concerned if you’re pleasing or displeasing a god/goddess. It isn’t a ritual. It’s about attracting rune energies.

It’s your private rune-meditation-for-wealth respiration train. It’s power and vibrations.

The place you place your consideration your power flows. You really contact what you consider, and it’ll contact you again. If you place your consideration on the runes within the Quantum Ocean their energies will circulation in direction of you. You might be performing an power switch.


The runic wealth power that you’re about to draw has to have a particular goal, a particular place to circulation to. You’ll now put together your self to mentally obtain these energies into your private power discipline (AURA.)

As soon as your private power discipline is charged with this runic power then you may mentally create no matter means to this wealth that you simply want

Or, you may let this rune power flow into all through your physique and power fields, charging every cell in your physique with the will for wealth power.

Or, you may mentally ship runic power to somebody at a distance to assist their wealth course of to start.

This is called magic at a distance.

Your thoughts is a really highly effective radionic instrument, whether it is used accurately. Visualization is one among its most artistic instruments. It really works extraordinarily nicely with runic energies.

We’re not going to connect any magical, mystical, non secular, non secular or secret meanings to our runic respiration workouts. We’re merely going to think about it as our particular person power system train. It’s into this center pillar system of energies that we’ll pour our runic energies..

You may visualize your 5 power chakras as basketball dimension spheres.

These 5 chakras are :

* CROWN CHAKRA basketball sphere four” above your head.

* THROAT CHAKRA basketball sphere in neck and throat space.

* HEART CHAKRA basketball sphere in coronary heart space.

* GENITAL CHAKRA basketball sphere in genital space.

* GROUND CHAKRA basketball sphere in your ft space.

These 5 chakras are lined up within the middle of your physique. There’s a three” tube connecting each. This fashion the runic power can circulation from the crown chakra to the bottom chakra.



Sit quietly and visualize your center pillar power system inside you.

Visualize an infinite ocean of power, the Quantum Ocean throughout you. Use no matter visualization you would like. This isn’t a prayer nor a sacred ritual to the gods/goddesses. You may’t do it flawed. That is your personal personalised runic power therapeutic train.

Maintain the big FA cardboard rune in your lap with each fingers.

Take a look at it. As you place your consideration on the runic image in your lap the FA power from the Quantum Ocean will begin to circulation in direction of you.

Your runic power should have a goal, a spot to go. That is the place most college students make their mistake. You should give the power a particular goal.

The runic power goal can be your Center Pillar Vitality System .

Now slowly and steadily, whereas trying on the FA rune image, breath this power into your self. Breath it in as if it have been an exquisite flowing stream of sunshine.

Intone (say mentally to your self)

“I’m now inhaling the PROSPERITY runic power of FA, from the Quantum Ocean into my crown chakra (four” basketball sphere above your head.”)

By utilizing your psychological powers you management the runic power alternate from the Quantum Ocean to your power fields.

Mentally see this runic power flowing from the Quantum Ocean into your crown chakra. See your crown chakra refill with this power.

Take a second and really feel and visualize this crown chakra stuffed with runic prosperity power. Don’t rush.

As you advance in your research you’ll be taught to make use of colours additionally.

For now it’s suffice to make use of white mild. However make it a dynamic, glowing white mild.

Intone 3 times.

Take a deep breath every time, have a look at FA rune in your fingers.

The runic power within the crown chakra will now begin to circulation down the three” tube and begin to fill your throat chakra.

When your throat chakra is filled with runic power, see this power flowing down the three” tube into your coronary heart chakra.

If you coronary heart chakra is full, see the power flowing down the three” tube into your genetal chakra.

When your genital chakra is full, see the power flowing all the way down to your floor (ft) chakra.

Take a couple of minutes and sit in your center pillar of runic prosperity energies. See this wealthy white FA power filling your entire 5 spheres (chakras) and your center pillar.


Begin to flow into the cash power round your physique.

Visualize a three” stream of this white mild flowing out of your crown chakra and flowing down the entrance of your physique.

This three” power flows down your face, your chest, your abdomen, your genetals, your legs, to your ft and toes.

Then beneath your ft and up your heels, your calves, your thighs, your buttocks, your backbone, your neck, again of head and again into your crown chakra.

You now have a flowing ring of runic cash power flowing down the entrance of your physique and up the again. You have got the primary ring of power round your physique.


Begin a second stream of power out of your crown chakra down the left aspect of your head, your ear, your shoulder, your arm, your hip, your thigh, your leg, your ankle.

Below your ft and up the best aspect. Your ankle, thigh, hip, shoulder, ear and again into the crown chakra.


Out of your coronary heart chakra visualize a 3rd three” circulation of power popping out of your coronary heart. Let it circulation to about one foot in entrance of you.

Now circle it clockwise round your physique from left to proper.

Allow us to cease right here for a second. This may increasingly sound very sophisticated. It isn’t. After some observe it is possible for you to to do the entire center pillar therapeutic train in 15 minutes.

Fifteen minutes as soon as a day to enhance your well being, wealth and happiness. This can be a small worth to pay.

Bear in mind we’re coping with energies. Vitality flows. That’s what we’re doing, getting the power out of the Quantum Ocean to circulation in direction of you and into you

You have got now created three rings of flowing runic power round your physique.

One across the entrance of your physique from crown chakra to ft and up your again.

One round your physique from left aspect of crown chakra down the left aspect of your physique. Up the best aspect of your physique and again into the crown chakra.

One round your center, clockwise.

Now broaden these three rings so that you simply fill your aura, which is one foot out of your physique. See and fill your aura stuffed with white prosperity runic mild. Overlook concerning the three rings and focus on your aura being full.

That is your egg formed auric shell. That is the place all prosperity begins.

You all the time have an aura surrounding you. Most individuals have aura’s which are very near their physique like a pair of pantyhose. We need to broaden our auras out in order that they’re surrounding us a minimum of one foot from our bodes throughout us. This provides us extra power and extra safety.

By persevering with your respiration workouts your aura will get stronger and stronger. Your well being and nicely being may also improve as your aura will get stronger.


(1) Give your self a common prosperity therapeutic session?

(2) Ship prosperity power to a sure enterprise?

(three) Ship this prosperity power to a buddy or cherished one? (distance doesn’t matter)


Take a deep breath and mentally intone:

“I’m now inhaling this highly effective runic FA power into each cell of my bodily, psychological, emotional and non secular our bodies.”

Really feel the power out of your auric shell coming into your physique and filling each cell.


Take a second breath and repeat intonation.


Take a 3rd breath and repeat intonation.


Now sit quietly as your auric shell, which is full of FA wealth power, costs each cell of your physique.

Sit so long as you want.

Give a silent thanks to the Rune FA .

Know that the Rune Meditation for Prosperity is at work as you go about your corporation


Allow us to say you’ve got a specific enterprise or cash making plan that you simply need to ship prosperity power to.

Allow us to say that you’re involved about your web site enterprise.

If you are sitting in your chair together with your auric shell stuffed with runic FA power, take a deep breath and intone mentally:

“I’m now sending the highly effective prosperity power of the FA rune into each fawcett of my webiste enterprise.”

Visualize the white glowing power in your aura flowing into your web site. Visualize your web site on the display screen in entrance of you. Your web site so far as the Quantum Ocean is worried is a residing entity. All residing entities give off and appeal to power. Deal with it as if it was alive and ship it prosperity power.

Once more three breaths.

Three and 9 are the magical multiples when utilizing the runes.

Sit so long as you want and benefit from the felling of nicely being that this switch of power between you and your web site will deliver you.

You are able to do it as typically as you want.

You should use this respiration train and ship the power to any enterprise or cash making plan you’ve got.

We’re speaking about power. The attractive simplicity of this train is that we’re attracting power out of the Quantum Ocean (MIND OF GOD). We’re then utilizing our minds to direct this prosperity power to the place it’s wanted.


Ship wealth power to the enterprise of a buddy or a cherished one. Life-force is aware of no distance barrier. It doesn’t journey like electrical energy does in our three dimensional world. The one distance on the planet of Life-force (Quantum Ocean) is similarities of form.

If you consider your family members enterprise you arrange a psychological hyperlink. The considered your family members enterprise in your thoughts is your family members enterprise so far as Quantum Ocean is worried.

So, while you consider it, you’re really making contact. You might be touching the enterprise. Shut your eyes and consider the enterprise. You might be mentally sending it the power you’ve got saved in your auric shell. You might be touching it with this power. There is no such thing as a distance between their enterprise and your psychological image of it.

Along with your aura full of the runic FA power, take a deep breath, visualize your family members enterprise in your thoughts, then exhale slowly by your mouth and see this prosperity FA power flowing out of your mouth and into the auric shell of the enterprise.

As soon as it reaches the auric shell of your pals enterprise it should know the place to go to deliver prosperity.

You may also maintain a photograph or a enterprise card of your family members enterprise in your fingers and breathe on it. The prosperity FA power will circulation into the image and into the enterprise.

The Creator God made all his legal guidelines easy . Solely man complicates them.

Study all you may concerning the Legal guidelines of Quantum Physics. The subsequent 2000 years can be all about power and power transferring.

You should use runes and the Legal guidelines of Quantum Physics to draw wealth power out of the Quantum Ocean (Thoughts of God) and into your life.

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