Alexey Pavlovich Kulaichev on the Secrets and techniques of Sri Yantra

In my earlier article titled 'The Secret of Sri Yantra, I’ve given the fundamental factors in regards to the difficult Divine Geometry of Sri Yantra.

On this article we are going to see the Yantra as per well-known scientist Alexy Pavlovich Kulaichev's perspective views.

He made an intensive analysis on Sri Yantra in 1987 and revealed his paper in Russian language. This was authorised duly by a referendum as per customary apply. The paper attracted a worldwide response and brought about a most vigorous curiosity from readers and obtained greater than 100 responses. At present his paper is taken into account to be the most effective scientific paper on the difficult Divine Geometry.

He has drawn Sri Chakra as per the stipulated guidelines and three extra related yantras had been additionally drawn for evaluating with the unique.

Volunteers had been requested to repair their consideration for one minute at chosen elements of the take a look at photos. There have been three take a look at photos together with the actual one.
1) A coloured image of Sri Yantra
2) A coloured drawing produced by a random intermixing of the Sri Yantra parts, that’s to say, a pseudoyantra
three) A black and white image with concentric drawn in line with the degrees of the Sri Yantra circles.
four) A set of black rays on white background intersected within the widespread middle.

The individuals chosen for these experiments had no apply in leisure and meditation strategies. They weren’t knowledgeable about both the goal of the experiments or the importance of the experiments.

The outcomes had been astonishing. The response to the unique Sri Chakra was distinctive. Those that concentrated that felt tranquil impact. Throughout gazing the alpha-rhythm appeared within the EEG extra rapidly as in comparison with whereas staring on the different photos. It was noticed that the Yantra successfully modifications the fundamental psychophysiological state of the individual and ensures leisure and peacefulness. Whereas the unique one even cures the psychological defects the pseudo yantras couldn’t impact the identical remedy.

After publishing the primary paper, yet one more paper on its mathematical properties was additionally revealed after twelve years by Kulaichev.

A really excessive difficult rationalization with formulation put forth in that paper could possibly be understood by solely mathematical specialists.

The bottom angle of Sri Yantra is 51.5032 levels and the bottom angle of Nice Pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt can also be 51.5032. Very many such by no means ending wonders will be enumerated.

There are damaging energies round us. These are obstacles to attain better success, peach, well being, wealth. As soon as the Sri Yantra is worshiped with focus, all of the damaging energies are pushed away mechanically together with peace, well being, wealth and many others.

This secret was came upon by the traditional Hindu Sages they usually suggested the worship of Sri Yantra. Now modern-day scientists are additionally agreeing with the views of the sages after conducting their scientific experiments.

Those that have a excessive mathematical background and are inquisitive about realizing extra in regards to the secrets and techniques may learn the unique paper of Alexey Kulaichev.

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