Air pollution of the 5 Parts

All the pieces on this universe is made of 5 parts – earth, water, air, hearth and area. These 5 parts are additionally current within the human physique. If these parts are polluted within the exterior world, they’re additionally contaminated within the human physique, as a result of that which is exterior can be inside. Nevertheless, it must be talked about, that of the 5 parts, area and hearth can’t get contaminated due to their very nature.

The character of fireplace, is to burn all the pieces it comes into contact with, to ashes, to its base factor. It has no discrimination; it consumes and devours all the pieces it touches.

Area is infinite and holds all the pieces inside it and but just isn’t touched by something. Nothing exists with out area. It can’t be stained; it can’t be contaminated. So, we’re left solely with the opposite three parts, earth, water and air that may be polluted.

What’s the root trigger of those parts is what the Upanishad rishis questioned. Can they exist by themselves? Have they got a consciousness that may say "I exist"? Who says they exist? "I" say they exist.

Who is that this "I"?

This "I" is an entity that’s conscious of its personal existence and all the pieces round it. The ultimate query put forth by the Upanishad rishis was "What’s the root reason behind this" I "?

Who’s to say this "I" exists? And so they got here to the irrefutable conclusion that this "I" is the causeless reason behind all the pieces that exists. It wants no proof of its personal existence and provides proof to the existence of all the pieces else by its "consciousness". Due to this fact, this "I" is consciousness that’s existence and consciousness; what’s termed in Sanatana Dharma as "sat" and "chit". Additionally this "I" is termed "atman" and is analogous to mild for it has the information of all the pieces via consciousness. It’s also referred to as swayam jyoti, self effulgence. One mild doesn’t want one other mild to illumine its existence. This "I" or mild is current in everybody. Simply as a lightweight bulb glows inside the casing of a glass bulb and but spreads its mild in every single place, this atman shines within the casing of a bodily physique and but spreads its mild in every single place. When this consciousness revels within the pure consciousness of its personal existence, it experiences bliss, the very best and purest type of happiness and sheer pleasure. It’s also the final word as it’s the causeless reason behind all the pieces. That is what known as Atman or God. The phrases atman and I are synonymous. On a person stage it’s referred to as Atman, however on a common stage it’s referred to as Paramatman. The entire aim of life is find this oneness (Brahmataikya bhava) or identification of the Atman with Paramatman, particular person Self (atman) with the Common Self (Brahman).

As a way to expertise this state of oneness of the Self with the Common Self, Sanatana Dharma prescribed a lifestyle that took a complete outlook of each the exterior world in addition to the interior world. They regarded all the pieces on this world as sacred and had a reverent angle in the direction of all the pieces and worshiped the 5 parts and nature itself.

The subsequent query naturally follows, "How did they worship?

There may be what known as Pancha Puja, worship of the 5 parts. This puja is carried out to the primary God, be it Vishnu, Lalitambika or Ganesha within the type of the essence of the 5 parts.

Correspondingly, these 5 parts are given a particular place of residence within the chakras of the delicate physique of the human physique as said in Kundalini yoga, which is the observe of the yoga or union of Shiva and Shakti.

On this ritualistic puja, probably the most sacred and auspicious bodily choices representing the 5 parts are made to the divinity who’s worshiped with the chanting of highly effective bijaksharas, seed letters in a really reverential method.

1. Aromatic sandalwood paste representing the earth factor within the muladhara chakra, the foundation chakra is obtainable whereas chanting the lam bijakshara, seed letter.

2. Nectarean meals representing the water factor within the Svadhishthana chakra is obtainable whereas chanting the 'vam' bijakshara.

three. A lighted lamp representing the fireplace factor within the Manipura chakra, within the photo voltaic plexus is obtainable whereas chanting the 'ram' bijakshara.

four. Aromatic flowers representing the air factor within the Anahata chakra, the guts chakra are provided whereas chanting the 'ham' bijakshara.

5. Aromatic incense representing the area factor within the vishuddhi chakra, the throat chakra is obtainable whereas chanting the 'yam' bijakshara.

Ajna chakra, the third eye chakra is the seat of data and is past the weather. Sahasrara chakra, the thousand petalled lotus within the crown chakra additionally doesn’t discuss with the weather and is the place the place shakti is united with Shiva.

Bodily choices symbolizing these parts are made via the chanting of mantras and highly effective seed letters referred to as bijaksharas. Seed letters resound in area and their vibrations are transported of their subtlest varieties via the medium of fireplace, water, air, earth and area to Paramatman.

The rishis of Sanatana Dharma may management these parts and make them do what they wished. Their pujas had been carried out to thank and appease the weather and hold them in steadiness.

Water is the elixir of life, earth known as Mom Earth for it offers us with all the pieces for our sustenance and air known as prana vayu, very important life giving power. The greatness of every of those parts can be mentioned within the subsequent article. How will we present them due respect by growing the precise angle towards them is the topic of the following article.

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