Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra – The fourth chakra is one of the most important points in the human body. It should be understood correctly, so I give it a little more attention.

The energy transmitted and accumulated in this area nourishes the heart and circulatory system, the whole body of man, every cell of his body. Opening the chakra of the heart, man re-shapes his former dense ethereal body, its vibration rises. Otherwise, the circulatory system begins to function. In a dense, badly balanced body there is serious distortion, not only in the heart and blood vessels, but also in the nervous system. And even when there is too much heart blockage, it can happen by lowering the vitality to serious brain disorders. Poorly-nourished nervous system can lead to mental imbalance and even to insanity and insanity.

The Heart Chakra Center is linked to thymus gland (Latin glandula thymus). It is located in the body of a man just behind the bridge, in front of the mediastinum. Built of two panels separated from each other by partition walls. Produces thymosin hormone. Very important in childhood and adolescence, then grows a, late after puberty is reduced. Controls the lymphatic system (lymph nodes and spleen). Over time, thymus cells migrate to the peripheral lymphatic tissues and settle there, continuing their existing functions. Grasica is responsible for the body’s immunity.

Thymus chakra – The upper chakra of the heart is located between the 4th chakra of the heart and the fifth chakra of the throat. Activates the higher consciousness in man, adds vitality and rejuvenates. Linked to the thymus gland is very important in spiritual life, especially at the rising of the Kundalini Energy. In physical life as mentioned above: protects the lymphatic system, protects the body against diseases. If this chakra is already activated, the person feels safe, is full of confidence, lives without fear and fear for the future, and is not afraid of death. Poorly developed causes fears and distrust, high nervousness and eternal fear for life and for the future. In women, disruption in this chakra causes breast cancer, especially when a woman feels the lack of love for her partner and is not well treated by her.

To strengthen this heart center it is good to recite Psalm 23. The energy of this Psalm gives man the assurance of being on earth. He assures that he is never alone and can count on the help of God. A man who can meditate daily with this chakra and refuses Psalm 23 strengthens the center of the heart and raises the Energy of Kundalini.

Let me run,
Spice my wings of wind,
So i can feel,
I’m not alone.
Smell of rose flower
My heart revives,
They already carry angels
Golden light,
Falls on me
Like pollen flowers …

The opening of the heart chakra is a great gift for man, it raises vibrations and love, gives spiritual power, opens hearts for love, for another man, seeks opportunities to help the world. There is the first connection with the Divine Source. Through the back of the heart center, located between the shoulders begins to affect the Body of Christ. Its appearance opens up a higher mind and helps in the transformation process, moving to higher levels.

A man with a higher chakra of heart rejects old life forms, blind selfishness, concentrates his energy on helping the weak, and wakes up a new spirit in him. This resort corresponds to the energy of the sun, which is the source of light and love. Higher energies develop the lotus heart and gradually remove all earthly lusts. Man is reborn in the light of love and develops another personality.

In modern times, thymus gland activation occurs, the development of this new additional thymus chakra. It wakes people regardless of their age. When it works properly, it gives you a fuller balance of already higher energy and transitions the body. There will be a great transformation process, a further evolution of man.

The point between the shoulder blades in combination with other important centers will fully reveal the true identity of the human being. Slowly flowing higher energy will draw in constant contact with the soul and will increasingly expand the consciousness of the brain, there will be big changes in its physical and astral body. New energy will be a new breath for man, a new creative act in the direction of serving mankind,

Energies, which travel to the center of the heart from the solar plexus, release the soul of man from bondage, begin a great process of joining the Supreme Source. The blossoming rose – the symbol of the heart chakra – connects man with holiness.

… you can wipe off
The tears of suffering
And the wounds inflicted by life.
The rose spikes should no longer
So much to hurt
Your trip
– detachment from Mother Earth
You have already started and will come
In his time in the heavens,
Straight into the arms of God the Father

Exhaled in the Divine garden
One more red rose.
Get a breath that will give you a new life,
Fills your body with gold energy.
Between crimson petals


In Sanskrit means “invincible”. This chakra is located in the heart opposite the 5th and 6th thoracic vertebrae.
An empty heart chakra located in the middle of the sternum, where most people suffer the most pain at the time of heart attack, and the innocent people feel a stream of hot energy flowing to their beloved person.
It resembles a 12th flake lotus flower, glows green, is associated with the element of air, strongly affects thymus activity.
The resemblance that exists between the number of petals in the Anahata chakra and the twelve branches of the cardiac plexus is striking.
Heart chakra is associated with love, compassion and healing. Regulates the immune system, strengthens the defense and circulatory system.

This chakra is called the gate of the Soul, maintaining the state of balance between the physical body and subtle bodies. It’s also the gate to DanTien.

In this chakra we find the ability to feel compassion, alignment, coherence. Through this center we see the beauty of nature, the harmony of music and art. Here the images, sounds and words are transformed into feelings. In his purified and fully open form, this chakra is the center of true, unconditioned love. This center radiates outward energy which acts upon people spontaneously, healing and transforming.

Full openness: honesty, love, warmth, joy, confidence, generosity, openness, lightness, purity

Heart chakras allow a person to understand the vibrations of other astral beings and to sympathize with them, so that he can instinctively understand their feelings.

The heart chakra is the same source of Creation, or love. The heart path begins where there is warmth and joy. It is not a planned strategy. She comes from this place inside us, where she lives happily. It is accompanied by the confidence that if we draw awareness from this level, in our material world everything will be successful. Faith is needed because the modern world perceives life as a struggle and tells us that we must have a decent plan to defend our own safety and well being. It comes from a fear-based mentality and the fear that everything is not enough. The path of the heart does not know such fears. We must believe that we will attract to ourselves all the abundance in life through the action of our magnetism: faith in abundance attracts abundance. The more we feel love, the more we experience the love we attract.

If the solar plexus is a store of astral energy, then our divine particle is in the heart, and also the spiritual energy. She is already in love – the most wonderful feeling for a man. When badly functioning, it involves a small amount of other chakras, because the opposite of love here is fear. Fear of everything – no sense of security entails the base chakra, lack of desire for life, solar plexus, excessive and intrusive interest in the opposite sex, or zero interest – sacral, fear of opening – throat, fear of development – 3 eye, and finally in Worst case fear of love or God – crown + heart.

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The heart center, the fourth of the chakras, is located in the middle of the physical body and emotional intelligence lessons balance all the other chakras located above and below. This center allows you to completely cut off from life or to grow with compassion. It is a place where you can get to know someone else’s version of yourself. Compassion belongs to the very sophisticated emotional attainments that open your body and connect it to the cosmos on a deeply spiritual level. Sometimes the opening of the heart can be a frightening experience: you can feel something in the form of loss of self-control, with a heart wide open, drowning even in full emphases of information. This great knowledge center can provide both overwhelming and inexperienced impressions. It is said that love is the heart of love and it is really. The real test offered by life on earth is the ability to transmit all the experiences with the heart chakra, with complete abandonment of judgment and recognition of the wonderful variety of life. Therefore, often the heart chakra is blocked by cultivated anxiety, which determines human distrust of this powerful mental connection. Closed heart makes it easier to hurt and deceive others, because the connection to life is impaired. Particularly important for the opening of the heart center are the feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the beauty of life.



The front chakra of the heart is in front of the heart, that is in the middle of the chest. The rear chakra lies behind. While the solar plexus chakra is the source of lower emotions, the heart chakra is the center of higher feelings such as peace, consensus, joy, compassion, kindness, courtesy, tenderness, caring, respect, patience, sensitivity,
By stimulating the heart chakra, one can make the energy of lower emotions transform into higher forms of emotional energy. Therefore, patients suffering from mental illness must use the “Twin for the World” meditation twice a day for several months. It is best to do it every day for the rest of your life.
Acupuncture can calm the person in a state of hysteria, stimulating specific acupuncture points, which in turn activates heart chakra.
When you want to calm or enhance your reception, you should stimulate the heart chakra when you want to calm the patient. This will give him a sense of inner peace. This will also facilitate the purification of the solar plexus chakra.
Unlike the chakra of the solar plexus, which is self-centered, the heart chakra cares primarily for others: “What are the needs of other people?”, “How will they feel?”, “What will they think?”. Both of these qualities – “turning to oneself” and “turning to others” – are equally important. If you want to achieve a balance between the physical or material and spiritual aspect of your life, you must develop the same chakra of the solar plexus and heart.

If the heart chakra is too agitated and the plexus of the plexus is not enough, other people may dominate you, hurt you or use it. But if the solar plexus chakra is overactive, you can fall into selfishness and become ruthless. In order for a person to maintain mental health, the condition of both chakras should be balanced. It is necessary to maintain harmony between loving kindness and self-interest.


Harmonic action

If your heart chakra is fully open and harmonious with other chakras, then you become a channel of divine love. The energies of your heart can change your world, and the people in your environment unite, reconcile and heal. You radiate natural warmth, warmth and joy that opens the hearts of your neighbors, inspires confidence and gives you joy. Compassion and willingness to help are obvious to you.
Your feelings are free from internal distortions and conflicts, from doubt and uncertainty. You love for the love itself, the joy of giving, not expecting anything in return. In the whole creation you feel safe and at home. In everything you do, you are present with all your heart.
Love in your heart refinement also your perception, so that in every manifested form, at every level of Creation you see the cosmic game of parting and reuniting, carried and infiltrated by Divine Love and Harmony. You have experienced the separation of the divine aspect of life and the suffering that arises from the desire to reunite with the Supreme. It is only by prior separation that it allows for a conscious and perfect experience of love for God and the boundless joy that flows from it.
This wisdom of the heart sheds new light on the events of the world and your life. Love in your heart supports spontaneously all your aspirations, allowing you to grow your love for God and for His Creation. You see that the whole life of Creation takes place in your heart. You no longer treat life as something separate but as part of your own life.
The feeling of vitality is so great in you that only now do you actually know what “life” means in its unadulterated, original sense – the eternal presence of divine love and happiness.

Non-harmonic action

Non-harmonious action in the heart chakra can be expressed in different ways: for example, you would like to be willing to give, to be constantly present to others while not being connected with the source of love. Somewhere deep down – perhaps without knowing it or admit it to yourself – you expect your “love” to be acknowledged and confirmed and you are disappointed if your efforts are not appreciated enough. Or you feel very important and strong and give others a little of your strength; But you are not capable of accepting love, opening up for “taking”. Sensitivity and delicacy are embarrassing. You may be telling yourself that you do not need the love of others. This attitude is often accompanied by an enlarged “over” chest, which is an indication of inner armor and defense against pain and attacks.

The disrupted functions of the heart chakra make you easily vulnerable and dependent on the love and affection of others. If you are rejected, you feel deeply touched, especially when you have the courage to open up. You are back then back to your hideout. You are sad and naive. You would love to give love, but with fear of rejection you never find the right way to do it, and you are constantly reaffirming your inability.
Perhaps you are also trying to make your desire for love compensate for a particularly friendly and polite manner of behavior. You give superficial courtesy to all without exception, but do not penetrate deeper into other people. Therefore, once someone really needs your heart, you avoid this and you are locked in fear of possible injury.
If your heart chakra is completely closed, it can be seen in the cold and indifference until the anesthetic. In order to feel anything at all, you need strong external stimulation. You are unbalanced and you suffer from depression.

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Heart chakra. It has 12 petals. The front chakra contains a lot of gold and some light red prana. The frontal chakra is located in the center of the chest. Controls and energizes the heart and thymus.
The posterior heart chakra contains the following primes: gold, red, orange and yellow. Controls and energizes the lungs, heart and thymus.
Cardiac chakra also affects the body’s ability to fight infections. From a medical point of view, thymus is an important part of the body’s defense system.
You should energize the heart through the back chakra, so that the laundry can flow freely into the heart, lungs and other parts of the body. The injury will not block the physical heart by excess energy.
The heart chakra is the center of the higher, that is purified, feelings. It is closely related to the chakra of the solar plexus because they are both centers of emotion. Any adverse changes in the plexus of the plexus are reflected in the heart chakra, so negative emotions lasting long lead to physical heart damage.